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Stay on Clouds

Scaling the clouds and towering above the city below.


Igloo Stay

The igloo stay in Manali offers a variety of activities.

About Us

From bucket-list destinations to bucket-list experiences, Yoozhoo brings to every traveler a travel best friend experience with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. A unique, exciting, and authentic experience is what yoozhoo delivers to every traveler. We go above and beyond to find new destinations and niche activities, based on travelers’ interests so that they can make the most out of their trip with Yoozhoo.

Yoozhoo is a travel management and recommendation platform that curates exceptional travel experiences. Our AI best friend experience will be available for real-time assistance throughout the entire trip to create a familiar, safe, and stress-free experience for new and international travelers who are unacquainted with their travel destinations.

What We Do

yoozhoo creates unique and safe travel experiences at different destinations to offer a remarkable travel experience to every traveler.

yoozhoo discovers the most innovative travel experiences and brings them to travelers by aggregating the best of travel services at one place.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What is our product/ service?

Yoozhoo curates unique, remarkable travel experiences for families, friends, women, solo travellers and work-related travel. To ensure that each traveller enjoys a safe, hassle-free, soul southing trip— our AI works closely with each traveller to assist them through the start to the end of their journey. With this we aim to create a travel loop which includes:

Travel Insurance

Woman driven cab service for airport pick-ups, drops and in-city travel

Safe and unique stays

Food facilitation

Innovative experiences

Yoozhoo will provide these services by aggregating our travel partners’ offerings.

Some of our bonus experiences for different ends of the travel spectrum include:  

A stay in the clouds— experience life from slender skyscrapers by booking stays at the topmost floors touching the clouds.

Igloo stays— a feel of the arctic region and experiences how Eskimos live by staying in an igloo.

Stargazing to catch a glimpse of the Milky Way— the complete star-gazing experience from high-altitude campsites away from city skies. Includes predominant spots to catch the most breathtaking views of the Milky Way. 

Desert glamping (stay, food, and dune bashing)— discover the wild, vast deserts and beautiful scenes by staying amid sand dunes.

Tree-top house stays— stay between the natural sway of trees, the sound of nature, and scenic views.

Experiencing a night in prisoner cells— choose from different inmate experiences, of course without the sentence. This includes spending a night in cells as well as jail tours.

2.     Who is our target customer?

Our target customers are people from all around the globe looking for new travel experiences. This includes families, friends, women, and solo travellers. Yoozhoo’s AI best friend experience ensures that international and new travellers in an unfamiliar city feel secure and comfortable.

3.     How will we provide this product/ service to our customer?

Through Yoozhoo’s online portal, travellers will be able to plan & finalize their trip with the help of our AI travel best friend. Over the course of the trip, we will ensure that they have access to all our services on time and assist them in the process.

4.  Explain our business model.

yoozhoo is a platform that curates travel experiences for travelers through an online platform and AI technology. This includes recommendations, management as well as aggregation of travel services.

5.  What makes us a good fit for this service?

Personalisation— our most promising offer is the AI travel best friend experience we bring to every traveller.

Safety— we choose our travel partners and service providers with care to ensure that travellers feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

Responsibility— sustainable, eco-friendly, responsible tourism is a part of each of our travel curations and we encourage the same with all travellers.

Unique Experiences— Unlike old style cliché packaged tours, yoozhoo brings to each traveler a new and enriching experience that promotes experiential travels.