Our Story

When I travelled to Dubai for the first time, many concerns and anxieties were running through my mind. My best friend was living in Kuwait at that time, and he was familiar with the UAE, so I called him up. Just having him available over the phone was highly comforting because of the assistance and homely feeling he could provide. He helped me access a woman-driven cab service, find the best stay and food services, and navigate through the localities of the city. Everything I could have asked for to calm my worries and enjoy my trip. I want to recreate for everyone the same best friend experience I had, despite the lack of my friend’s physical presence during my travel. So, I bring to you Yoozhoo, a traveller’s best friend experience.
Socio-political conditions, lack of Information/ infrastructure/ facilities, linguistic/ cultural differences etc may scare travellers landing in unfamiliar territory. If we could assure, safety and stress-free travel, we will be able to encourage more and more people to travel.
A portal to consolidate and channelise activities and spending of every tourist reaching the town! Aggregation of local service providers to create jobs will be an interesting solution.

Joshin Das



Shaveta Thakur